The Tall Man (2012) 

"It’s not a matter of being a good person or being a bad person, it’s about how you cope.."

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The Top 5 Jessica Biel movies you should see.

You all should watch “London (2005)” too!!

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Driven by the strangle of veins,
Showing no mercy I’ll do it again
Open up your eyes,
You keep on crying, baby, I’ll bleed you dry

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Jessica Biel on the Set of ‘The Tall Man’

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New motion poster for The Tall Man

The Tall Man has released an eerie new motion poster, in which the titular boogeyman can be seen making his way into the night with a stricken child over one shoulder…

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The Tall Man (x)

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"The Tall Man" Hits Theaters August 31st, 2012


Ahh!! It’s official. “The Tall Man” will be hitting theaters on August 31st, 2012!

The news comes after rave reviews from the Cannes Film Festival. The New York Times posted a blurb earlier this month with August releases, and listed “The Tall Man”  on August 31st.

THE TALL MAN When Jessica Biel’s child goes missing, she wonders if the mythical figure known as the Tall Man might be responsible. Pascal Laugier (“Martyrs”) directed.

Now it has been confirmed by Producer, Kevin DeWalt, that the film will indeed hit theaters on August 31st.

It has not been confirmed whether or not it is a limited or wide release, I’m sure news of that will follow soon enough.

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The Tall Man

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The cinematographer from “The Tall Man” has released a demo reel on his official website, and in that demo reel we have some clips of Jesse’s “The Tall Man”

NOTE: The music is not part of the film, “The Tall Man” doesn’t start until we see Jesse sit down, the first few moments are from another film.


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