Jessica Biel & Ryan Reynolds

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Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds and David Goyer talking about Jess’ archery skills destroying a $300,000 camera.

David Goyer: She had learned how to shoot this arrow very well and all the crew were behind - she was maybe 30 or 40’ away, but she was up in the air three stories - and all the crew were behind safety glass. The only thing that wasn’t covered was literally a 2” by 2” thing right in front of the lens of the camera. We said, “Aim for the camera.” BAM! Right down the lens into the housing of the camera. Destroyed like a $300,000 camera.

David Goyer: Yeah. It’s in slow motion. She shoots, she looks badass and everything like that, and then there’s this pause and she’s like [arms pumping in the air], “Yeah!”

Jessica Biel: I just cracked up because it was like I hit the lens and then there was this laughter. In slow-mo the glass blew all the way back.

David Goyer: It hit the lens and embedded like 8”.

Interviewer: Just think about the poor guy looking through the camera at that.

Ryan Reynolds: How could they worry about a piddly f***ing $300,000 lens when you had the most triumphant moment of your life?

Jessica Biel: I know!

Interviewer:How much training did it take to do the bow work?

Jessica Biel: The archery training was probably some of the hardest training that I did. There’s muscles that you don’t even know you use in your back, and you have to be really relaxed and really focused. And it was hard. It was really, really difficult.

David Goyer: Jessica was a better shot than [her stunt double]. We used her stunt double in very few shots, usually when there was flying glass involved and things like that. And Jessica was a much better shot than her stunt double was.

Jessica Biel: I just had so much more practice with the bow than she ever did. The actual poundage - I practiced with a much heavier bow, probably something like pulling maybe 20 or 30 pounds back. And then the arrow obviously goes so much further and faster. But we had such crazy, pointy, deadly tips on these arrows that we had to drop the poundage down to a really safe [level] so that if I hit anything, I wouldn’t kill anybody.

David Goyer: We did some tests with some of the arrowheads that she was firing. We did one test where it actually went through the wall of the set. And we just said, “We’ve got to reduce the poundage because, literally, she’s going to kill somebody.”

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For “Living is Easy” by Alyse

“Living is Easy” at AO3 

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Blade Trinity photocall

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Jessica Biel’s movies ~ Blade Trinity (2004) [2/2]

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“Are you alright?”

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