Jessica Biel in McDonald’s commercial - 1996 (x)

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Jessica Biel + Talk Shows

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"We were all pretty much doing okay but not really competing with each other. We only became competitive when Jessica Biel joined us. Just because she was so good! I thought maybe hers was an easier gun. So I tried it and it was harder. It was like ‘Oh, so you can… and that just… oh… right… okay. Well okay, well done!’” - Sharlto Copley on the training for The A-Team (Empire Mag, 2010)

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Sharlto Copley singing ‘Sexyback’ to Jessica Biel at The A-Team premiere - June 3rd, 2010 (x)

"You know, Murdock can do anything. So I started singing "I’m Bringing SexyBack" to Jessica Biel in the middle of a take, doing my best Justin Timberlake in a gown and then stripping down in this gown to see if I could get her. She didn’t break character for like 15 seconds. It was that scene in the asylum where I’m supposed to be all sort of spastic. I kept surprising her and doing different stuff. It was pretty fun.” - Sharlto Copley

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Tiffany & Co. Debuts the 2014 Blue Book in New York - April 10th, 2014

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Jessica Biel’s movies ~ Hitchcock (2012)

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Jessica Biel & Chris Evans at Playstation 2 One Year Anniversary Party - October 18th, 2001

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Do you know where I can watch the video from the gifs you just posted? Where Jessica talks about Justin on the Mickey Mouse Club?
- Anonymous

the link is in the post too ;) (there is a part two too)

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