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So now we know Justin watched at least once 7th Heaven haha #SmallWorld

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Mary x Lucy moments

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OMG. Jesse, Adam, Bev, and Lance. <3 

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Robbie: Come on, this “in home” dating is driving me crazy. You have to get permission for us to go out.

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4.14 Words

Mary’s butt

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7th Heaven - Nothing Endures But Change

Matt: How do you think I would have felt if she had been in that car too? She could have been killed.
Lucy: You think I don’t know that? You think I don’t know that if they hadn’t been on their way to pick me up, Sarah would still be alive and she wouldn’t have died!
Matt: Sarah died because she was driving the car and a kid ran out in front of her.
Lucy: I know that! And that’s my fault too, it’s all my fault.
Mary: Luce, don’t.
Lucy: Stay away from me!
Annie: What’s going on?
Lucy: I knew that Jen let Sarah drive the car, and I didn’t tell anyone. It’s my fault, I didn’t tell anyone. If I had told someone, she might still be alive. If I hadn’t told them to pick me up, she might still be alive.
Annie: Luce no, don’t blame yourself.
Lucy: No! Leave me alone!
Annie: We can’t. We can’t leave you alone. This is not your fault, it is not your fault!
Lucy: It is my fault, it’s all my fault. Nothing will ever be the same again. Nothing.
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