"We were all pretty much doing okay but not really competing with each other. We only became competitive when Jessica Biel joined us. Just because she was so good! I thought maybe hers was an easier gun. So I tried it and it was harder. It was like ‘Oh, so you can… and that just… oh… right… okay. Well okay, well done!’” - Sharlto Copley on the training for The A-Team (Empire Mag, 2010)

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The A-Team set was fun. I felt very confortable…but there were a lot of farts jokes! - Jessica Biel

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The 20-day gifmaker’s challenge:

Day 2: Make a 6-square gifset.

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favorite movies ► the a-team ◄ (2010)

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I love the way Jessica Biel is looking at Liam…. :D

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'The A-Team' Los Angeles Premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on June 3, 2010

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