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Wilson: The guy whose interviewing you tomorrow is going to see that you don’t have a sense of humor and that might not be so good because as a woman in a firehouse you’re going to need to have a sense of humor. You’re going to be the only woman surrounded by a bunch of guys and guys like to kid around.

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2001 Teen Choice Awards press room

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So now we know Justin watched at least once 7th Heaven haha #SmallWorld

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"Guys and Dolls" Musical (2009)
• If i were a bell - LISTEN
• I’ll know (with Brian Stokes Mitchell) - LISTEN
• My time of day / I’ve never been in love before (with Brian Stokes Mitchell) - LISTEN
• Marry the man today (with Ellen Greene) - LISTEN

"Easy Virtue" Soundtrack(2008) - BUY ON ITUNES
• Mad about the boy - LISTEN - BUY ON ITUNES
• When the going gets tough the tough get going (with Colin Firth & Ben Barnes) - LISTEN - BUY ON ITUNES

"The Jay Leno Show" (2007)
• Almost paradise - LISTEN

"7th Heaven" (1996)
S1E20 Do Right Woman - LISTEN
• S1E20 Respect - LISTEN

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Hey! I was just wondering where u found the 7th Heaven Press conference video for the Teen Choice Awards August 12th 2001? I'm a huge fan of 7th heaven and Jessica Biel and would appreciate it! Thanks so much 😊😉
- kellcat10
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Halloween TV Specials

7th Heaven; ”Halloween”

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